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Posture, Balance and Coordination. Lecture by Peter Stokkebroe

Piter Stokkebroe - silver medalist of the World Championships 2009 version WDC Professionals, bronze medal on Blackpool Festival, the Denmark Champion, winner of the Imperial in England.
World Champion 2006 in Adult, winner of the World Games 2005, gold medal on German Open Championship 2006.
Ladies and Gentlemen, let's see the Latin lecture of Latin from WDSF Academy: Posture, Balance and Coordination.


In the video Peter starts with Cha Cha Cha and shows with his partner Christine body work and accents at the hips. Peter are dancing a Cuban Breaks and offering a range of opportunities within which you can understand how well this dance achieve the skill.
The next dance Rumba. Peter examines Cucaracha, then show the example of the small choreography and perform how need to connect upper and lower body for be in music. Shares his tactics of judging at 1:10:00 performs amazing Rumba!

Let's see it online!






Photo by: Igor Timoshenko,

Video by: TheWDSFAcademy

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