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Sergej Milicija. Confidence in the dancesport

Dear fans of dancesport !

We present to you a lecture of Slovenian Champion 2003, South America Champion in the Latin Show, semi-finalists of the European Championship, Blackpool bronze medalist , coach and judge of international category Sergej Milicija , Slovenia.

Topic of the lecture : Confidence in the dancesport
Video is full of dance improvisation from Sergej : his single dance, funny freestyle, performed with world champion Zoran Plohl and then with her dancepartner Tatiana. At the end you expect the original show related Matrix movie with partner Katja Klep included stops in the music, acceleration, deceleration, change of ritm, rewind of the steps , fantastic costumes, unexpected emotions and surprise from FollowWay: dance with photos!

Sergej is a master of the improvisation!
So click play and have a nice time of watching!



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