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Amalgamation of the Latin and Standard - Smooth

Watch this video and you will see the amalgamation of the Latin program and Standard. This type of program is called Smooth. You will be surprised, because usually on the competitions we see couples in Standard in constant contact.
Members of the Smooth dancing at a distance and in close hold, do lifts, accents, rotations, kicks, lines, lunges. Every dance of the Standard have one or two couple dances from Latin.
The combination of a slow waltz and rumba affect with the smoothness, chachacha and pasodoble give definition and scope in the tango, viennese waltz with rumba and samba create lightness, foxtrot and rumba with samba looks like a dance from American film. Similar can be found only in the Show dance competitions.
Use this video for making your dance show, there are huge number of the excellent, unique and creative movements!

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