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Behind every joke there is some truth

Last show Cha Cha Cha on Russian channel TNT from project "Dance" don't pass without our attention.
Choreographer - a professional dancesport's coach. This dancers are masters in any styles, including Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Hip Hop, Break Dance, Dancesport and etc.
Couple showed our most frequent emotions on the floor, the typical dance look, makeup, costumes, lines, comportment and movements.
This video it's the reason for coaches and dancers to think what emotions we are creating during performance.Our impress for the normal audience must be based not only on the technique, but also on true emotions. From this video we see that it is only fake smile. It is funny, but in every joke there some true. May be we must take care more on this aspect for inspire the people and future dancers to come especially in our sport?



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